Hyperion X5
Easy 3D/2D diagnostics

The world's smallest suspended imaging system is now 3D/2D

The first suspended 3D/2D system, the world’s smallest, now available for your surgery. Innovative design, flexibility and userfriendliness. Out of our experience comes the best solution forevery dentist.

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2D Focus-Free System

One-click PAN examination with MRT (Morphology Recognition Technology) and automatic best focussing selection system.

3D MultiFOV System

Ultra-high resolution CBCT examination (80μm) with the possibility of making a single scan of the entire dentition (FOV 10x10) or a scan of different, limited portions (MultiFOV) to reduce exposure to the region of interest.

Built around your needs.

Hyperion X5 is an advanced, fast, simple imaging system that minimises X-ray doses and maximises image quality. Flexible, comprehensive imaging - indispensable these days - that revolutionises the way you work by taking your surgery’s diagnostic potential to a whole new level.

Versatile diagnostics

The 3D/2D system offers the best response to your diagnostic needs. Flexible, efficient, fast. Cutting-edge high definition 3D technology and fast-scan 2D MultiPAN. Maximum results with minimum times and low X-ray doses.

MAXI FLEX Adapts field of view and doses to actual diagnostic requirements. Intelligent MultiFOV collimation, from the entire dentition(10x10cm) to just a small portion (6x6cm).

MULTI VISION Advanced 2D image processing system lets users extract and analyse 5 different panoramic images from a single scan.

Always by your side.

Maximum one-touch performance. Hyperion X5 simplifies your work by allowing extremely fast scans that give real-time images at minimum X-ray doses. Easy for you, comfortable for the patient.

View everywhere.

Store, manage and share images with all surgery PCs and tablets thanks to the Ethernet connection, the Apps and the powerful iRYS platform which also interfaces with third party systems.


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